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The health benefits of detoxification are plentiful! Built-up toxins within our bodies can produce excess weight and obesity, metabolic syndromes, inflammation, hormone imbalances, mental fog, fatigue and so much more. We absorb these toxins from plastics, cosmetics, hormones injected into food, as well as pesticides. When we consume them, they act like hormones that affect our endocrine system. Much like dirt in an engine, these toxins do not allow our bodies to function at their full potential. 


The liver is the body's detoxifier. When it is overloaded with toxins, it can not produce antioxidants properly. It can not detoxify fat-soluble hormone properly and when that happens, more fat is generated. This is part of the reason why many people have difficulty losing weight despite diet and exercise. When overwhelmed with toxins, your liver also can't breakdown hormones like estrogen or insulin efficiently, which can cause numerous health issue. It is imperative to detox your liver and body to help improve body function and your health. 


In an effort to help create total body wellness, Nice To Be Kneaded is now offering a full line of All Natural, Organic Health & Wellness products including an amazing Detox Tea, as well as our new Ionic Foot Detox System! 

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Ionic foot detox is NOT RECOMMENDED:

  • If you’re pregnant

  • If you’re using a pacemaker

  • If you’re less than 10 years old without adult supervision – more info If you’re eating or drinking – Important to prevent over-activation of the digestive organs. Wait 15-20 minutes after each session before ingesting food.

  • Have a pacemaker or other electronic implements

  • Have had an organ transplant

  • Are pregnant or nursing

  • Have epilepsy

  • Have open wounds on your feet

  • Are currently undergoing any form of radiation or chemotherapy

  • If you are a hemophiliac or taking blood thinners.


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